Artery Wealth

Your bespoke wealth advisory solution.

Our fundamental belief is that strategic asset allocation across various asset classes (local & international equity markets, private equity investments and fixed interest opportunities) needs to be dynamic.

This dynamic asset allocation is dependent on:

  • risk management: your understanding and desired appetite for risk
  • financial markets: how each asset class may be tracking at any point in time (within its own cycle).

Our methodology is based firmly on our observations about the cyclical nature of financial markets and studied with a perspective framed over 3 to 5 years. We approach the task of portfolio construction through the use of three major screening processes, namely:

  • Macro factors
  • Valuation
  • Momentum

This approach is underlined by a disciplined rules-based approach to risk management – well beyond traditional asset class diversification.

We apply our belief that retaining full exposure to equity markets throughout the economic cycle, invariably leads to significant cyclical falls in capital. Instead, by reflexing the level of risk presented at various stages of the economic cycle – we endeavour to step away from equity exposure (either partially or entirely) when systemic risk is high and being reflected in the underlying market/s.