Much like an actual artery, our team of professionals operates as a collaborative vascular system of advisers, working together to provide foundational professional services to clients seeking a sustained relationship built on generational trust.

We act as a single point of delivery knowing client business needs as if they are our own. Our collaborative culture enhances response times, lowers expenses and removes the unnecessary duplication of meetings and information collation.

We are here to suit your personal and professional life cycle and make your needs our priority. Quite simply, your success is our success.


How we collaborate

We are all about working together to achieve your success.

Solution #1

Business owner sold a majority stake of an engineering business to a senior manager to enter semi-retirement, followed by a down-sizing of the family home as well as the purchase of a motorhome.

• Artery Legal – prepared the share sale agreement, performed conveyancing on the family home as well as the new dwelling, senior adviser appointed as a non-executive director to assist with the ongoing corporate governance and strategic direction of the business

• Artery Accounting – performed a valuation on the business and assisted with the negotiation of the sale of the majority stake in the business

• Artery Insurance – arranged insurance coverage on the new dwelling and motorhome. Arranged key man insurance on new majority shareholder as well as a buy/sell arrangement for the new ownership structure of the business

• Artery Wealth – assisted with a bespoke investment strategy with respect to the sale proceeds which is finely tuned to semi-retirement and estate planning objectives

• Artery Legal – reviewed and advised on all local council and regulatory frameworks, performed conveyancing on the site location, prepared the construction contract with the builder and assisted with the general project management of the new venture

• Artery Optimise – performed a feasibility study of the waste transfer station to ensure the project would be economically viable and assisted with locating an appropriate site whilst also facilitating government grants for the creation of new jobs and implementation of new technologies

• Artery Insurance – ensured appropriate coverage was in place from the construction phase through to the commissioning of the waste transfer station

• Artery Performance – assisted the incumbent leadership team in locating appropriate staff for the new venture

• Artery Legal – applied probate with respect to the deceased, prepared the family council terms of reference

• Artery Accounting – senior adviser appointed on the family council to assist with the:
– ongoing corporate governance and strategic direction of the business;
– the distribution of wealth between remaining family members; and
– moderation of family disputes

• Artery Insurance – managed the life insurance claim for the deceased

• Artery Wealth – assisted the family patriarch’s widow with a bespoke investment strategy with respect to the life insurance proceeds which is finely tuned to long term retirement and estate planning objectives

• Artery Insurance – managed both the destruction of property and loss of profit claims, assisted with the selection of non-combustible materials and risk management design/controls to be utilised in the rebuilding of the production building, and also amended the insurance program to reflect the revised replacement cost and forecasted gross profit of the new production facility.

• Artery Accounting – prepared a detailed analysis of the loss of gross profit of the business during the rebuild period as well as the period in which it took the business to return to its prior gross profit levels.

• Artery Performance – aided the leadership team with the initial reduction of casual workers, followed by assisting the leadership team with re-hiring casual workers once production recommenced.

• Artery Legal – prepared the construction tender for the erection of the new production plant and prepared the construction agreement with the preferred builder.

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